Kathmandu, the largest and oldest city of Nepal. Ancient temple city Kathmandu has a diverse history with breathtaking Newa architecture, centuries old Hindu and Buddhist religious sites along with dedicated tourist-friendly accommodations and restaurants. This magical world that everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime and feel its energy. Once upon a time in Kathmandu a cultural war which brought breath taking architectures. Carved wooden window frame, an 18th century bronze sculpture or a spiritually uplifting stupas like swoyamnbhu nath and Boudha. You’ll be surprised by the number of temple here in Kathmandu. Its a magical city of God and Goddess. It is also a city of Tantriks and Yogis. Among them a tantrik named Jamanama gubhaju is the most renown for his magical powers. It is said that his wife can even make alcohol by burning her leg without harming her leg. He can even bind God and as an example we can see temple of Mahankal at Tudikhel.

Kathmandu is rich in architecture and it is also blessed by the nature. Small city surrounded by hills and beautiful mountains during winter. Feels like you’re living in the heaven. The average elevation is 1,400 metres above sea level and it is a Warm Temperate Zone. Its neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter.

Popular cultural heritage site of Kathmandu are Kathmandu durbar square, Bhaktapur durbar square, Patan durbar square, Pastupati nath temple, Boudha nath stupa, Swoyambhu nath etc. Popular places for hiking, cycling, jungle experience etc are Nagarkot, Sundarijaal and many more.

Here people are peace loving, kind heart. Here you’ll not see building as you do see in developed countries but you’ll also not see mental problems mainly like depression as you do in developed countries. Here everything is in balance from physical development to mentality. People say Kathmandu is under developed but I would like to say that the development people have in Kathmandu is enough for the people here. Because people have culture of worshiping huge temples not huge buildings, respecting elders not wealthy people, loving relations not wealth, love to be with family not lifestyle, running after internal peace not money.

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