Baba tal

Baba tal (बाबा ताल) is located in Karjanha Municipality-1, Bandipur, Siraha. It is becoming the center of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Every Saturday there is a rush of tourists. You can enjoy boating on the lake. The view tower has been constructed.


Many years ago a large pond was dug to prevent water from entering the village which has turned into a lake. In the year 2061, on the initiative of local social worker Kashiraj Dahal, a pond was excavated. After two years, a large pond became famous as Babatal.

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There is a picnic site, temple and park around Baba tal. You can also enjoy boating there. Devotees come to participate in aarti at the Shiva temple on the hill above the lake.

How to reach Baba tal?

It is about 2 km north of Bandipur Bazaar in Siraha on the East-West Highway.


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