“Bangemuda washya dyo,” The God of Tooth Pain

Bangemuda washya dyo (वास्या द्य) is located in Thayemadu, Kathmandu, Nepal, also known as Bangemuda. In Nepalbhasa wa means tooth, sya means pain, and dyo or dya means god. Washya Dyo is an unusual-shaped wooden deity worshiped by the local people, offering a “kislin” (small clay bowl) with rice, betel nut, and a coin to the deity. It is believed that worshiping this idol can bring relief from toothaches.

It is mainly worshiped by the Newar community of Kathmandu Valley. This unusual-shaped trunk means Bange Muda in Nepali. Bangemuda is near Asan, Chhetrapati and Indrachowk in Kathmandu.


Bangemuda washya dyo history

It is believed that the unusual-shaped trunk is the remaining of Kalpabrikshya (a gigantic unnatural tree) used to build Kasthamandap. It is a historic and culturally rich area known for its traditional architecture, ancient temples, and vibrant community life.

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