Manipuri language is spoken in which state ?

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Manipuri language is also popular as the Meetei language which is spoken mainly in the northeastern state of India called Manipur and has its own script “Meitei Mayek”. It contains pure Vedic words as well. Manipur’s capital city is Imphal bounded by the Indian states of Nagaland, Assam, and Mizoram which has a population of … Read more

Learn Magar language easily with different words


Learn Magar language easily with an explanation of each word with meaning. arlaki – bechnu (sell)armagcha- bajaune kura(instruments of music)bika – dukhnu (pain)badhin , bilmha – luga(clothes)buki, buni – boknu (carry)chho – dhan (rice)nga – ma ( I )phokung – arkako (other unknown person’s)kanung – hamro ( our )ngau – mero (my,mine)kanukurik – hamiharu (we)jako … Read more

Realtionship name in Gurung language


Gurung words – Nepali words – English words Aapa आप्पा – बाबा baba – FatherAamma आम्मा – आमा ama – MotherCha ha च ह् – छोरा chora – SonCha ha mi च ह मि – छोरि chori – DaughterKolo कोलो – बच्चा baccha – Baby/children Brother in Gurung languageAhgi आगि – दाइ dai – elder … Read more

Namaste in Gurung language

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English – Hello Nepali – Namaste Namaste in Gurung language – chyanjyalo छन्ज्यलो Good evening in Gurung language Chyaunlya ensha छन्यौल्या येषा Other Gurung language sentences What is your name? Kih mee toh ja? My name is Kishan, what is yours? Nga mee Kishan go, kihl de? How are you? Kih khaiba mu? I am … Read more

Solti in Gurung language


The word “solti” (sol-ti/sol-tee) comes from the Gurung Language which is used to indicate the relation between his/her maternal uncle’s children. However, today this term is also used for a person who is a good friend just like “dude” in the English language. The word “Solta” (sol-ta) is for male and “Soltini” (sol-ti-ni) is for … Read more