Best Happy birthday wishes in Nepali with pronunciation

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In Nepal, birthdays are celebrated with their traditional rituals according to the Lunar Calendar. The birthday boy or girl wakes up early in the morning and goes to the temple for worship. After coming back from the temple birthday boy or girl/man/woman is offered a boiled egg, alcohol, and small smoked fish as sagun (सगं … Read more

English to Nepali


Learn words and sentences from English to Nepali languages easily with explanation of each word meaning in detail. Hello in EnglishTo say Hello in Nepali we say Namaste or Namaskar both mean the same. Normally, in Nepali culture people say Namaste to elder people, respected people, or in formal meetings. It also means giving respect … Read more

Where are you in Nepali language with video


Where are you?Timī Kahām̐ chau?Timi kaha chau?Ti-mi ka-ha cha-u?तिमी कहाँ छौ?Here timi means you. You can say timi to younger people or to your friends. Kaha means where, location or place. Tapā’īṁ kahām̐ hunuhuncha?Ta-pai kaha hunu huncha?Ta-pai ka-ha hu-nu hun-cha?तपाईं कहाँ हुनुहुन्छ?Tapai also means you but Tapai we use for elder people with respect. If … Read more

What are you doing in Nepali language with video

What are you doing in nepali

What are you doing? Ta-pai ke gar-dai hu-nu hun-cha ? तपाईं के गर्दै हुनुहुन्छ? I’m writing a book. Ma ki-tab lekh-dai chu. म किताब लेख्दै छु। What is he doing? U ke gar-dai cha? ऊ के गर्दै छ? He is playing football. U football khe-li-ra-hay-ko cha. ऊ फुटबल खेलिरहेको छ। What are they doing? Ti-ni-ha-ru … Read more

What is your name in Nepali language?

What is your name in Nepali language

What is your name?Ta-pai-ko / tim-ro na-am ke ho?तपाईंको / तिम्रो नाम के हो? My name is Akash.Me-ro na-am Akash ho.मेरो नाम आकाश हो। What is your real name?Ta-pai-ko / tim-ro asa-li na-am ke ho?तपाईंको / तिम्रो असली नाम के हो? What is his name?Us-ko na-am ke ho?उसको नाम के हो? What is your boyfriend … Read more

Good morning in Nepali language with video pronunciation

Good morning in Nepali

Good morningSu-bha pra-bhat.शुभ प्रभात Here, Subha means good and morning means prabhat. Morning is also called bihani (bi-ha-ni) or bihana. Normally Nepalese people do puja (worship) in the morning. The first thing to do is sweep the stairs in the house, bring fresh water, and do puja after that some people go for a morning … Read more

Thank you in Nepali language with video pronunciation

Thank you in Nepali

Thank youDhanyabaadDhan-ya-ba-adधन्यवाद Thank you my friend.Timilai dhanyabaad cha sathi.Ti-mi-lai dhan-ya-baad cha sa-thi.तिमिलाई धन्यबाद छ साथी। Thank you very much.Dherai dherai dhanyabaad.Dhe-rai dhe-rai dhan-ya-baad.धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद। Thank you for your time.Ta-pai-ko sa-may-ko la-gi dhan-ya-baad.तपाइँको समयको लागी धन्यवाद। Thank you for all the help!Ma-ddat-ko la-gi dhan-ya-baad.मद्दतको लागी धन्यवाद! Thank you for spending time with me.Ma-san-ga sa-may bi-tau-nu … Read more

How are you in Nepali language ?

how are you in Nepali language

How are you?Kas-to cha ta-pai-lai?कस्तो छ तपाईंलाई ? I’m fine.Thi-kai cha.ठिकै छ । Hello, how are you?Na-mas-te, kas-to cha ta-pai-lai?नमस्ते, कस्तो छ तपाईंलाई ? I’m good.Ma-lai ram-rai cha.मलाई राम्रै छ। How is your family?Tim-ro pa-ri-var-lai kas-to cha?तिम्रो परिवारलाई कस्तो छ? They’re fine.Thi-kai cha.ठिकै छ । How is Jack?Jack-lai kas-to cha?ज्याकलाई कस्तो छ ? He is … Read more

How to say hello in Nepali language with text and video

hello in Nepali language

Say Hello in Nepali HelloNa-mas-te / Na-mas-karनमस्ते / नमस्कार Hello father / motherNa-mas-te Bu-wa / A-maनमस्ते बुवा / आमा Say hello to your father.Tim-ro bu-wa-lai me-ro na-mas-te bha-ni dyau.तिम्रो बुवालाई मेरो नमस्ते भनी देउ । Hello Everybody or Hello EveryoneSa-bai-lai Namaste or Sa-bai-ja-na-lai Namasteसबैलाई नमस्ते वा सबैजनालाई नमस्ते Hello Rose, I’m Jack.Namaste Rose, ma Jack.नमस्ते … Read more