When some one is angry then people use word chimabu but some people do have habit of using this word. People having habit of speaking rough language often use this words while talking. Chimabu meaning in Newari means “your father”.

Chi-ma-bu : Your father

There are formal ways of saying your father in Newari language like chimi abu. Both sounds similar but it’s formal and informal words.

Formal : Chi-mi abu
Informal : Chimabu

Chimabu meaning in Nepali

There is similar word in Nepali language also. Chimabu meaning in Nepali is “tayro bau” which also means your father but in informal way. It is pronouced as tay-ro bau.

Other similar words/sentences:

Chimabu ya chyaa : your father’s head
Chimai/chima ya chyaa : your mother’s head
Chim bazya ya chyaa: your grandfather’s head
Chim aji ya chyaa: your grandmother’s head

Chimabu chu swo-ya-gu ?
(Your father) What are you looking ?

Chimabu tha-na wa.
(Your father) come here.

Mostly this word is used among friends but it is not a good habit to use this word.

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