Chu jula in Newari

chu jula in newari
xu jula meaning in nepali – k bhayo (bha-yo
xu jula meaning in nepali


k bhayo ?
chu jula
छु जुला ।

k bhayo sathi?
chu jula pasa
छु जुल पासा ?

uslai k bhayo ?
uita chu jula
उइत छु जुला ?

Timiharulai k bhayo ?
chimta chu jula
छिम्त छु जुला ।

Feri k bhayo ?
hana chu jula
हान्ह छु जुल ?

K bhairakhay ko cha ?
chu juya chongu du ?
छु जुया चोङ्गु दु ?

au – wa
audai chu – waya chowna
aucha – wai
ayo – wola
aisakyo – wae dhunkala
ai rakhayko – waya chowna

badha – cheu
badhi rakha – chena ti
badhi sakyo – che dhunkala
badnu parcha – che mani

bhacha – twothu
bhachdai cha – twothu la chowna
bhachi sakyo – twothue dhunkala
bachnu parcha – twothu mani

banau – dayki
banaudai cha – dayka chowna
banai sakyo – daykay dhunkala
banaunu parcha – daykay mani

bala – chyaki
baldai cha – chyaka chowna
bali sakyo – chyake dhunkala
balnu parcha – chyale mani

bheta – napla
bhetdai cha – napalana chowna
bheti sakyo – napa lay dhunkala
bhetnu parcha – napalay mani

birsyo – lwomana
birsisakyo – lwomanae dhunkala
birsinu parcha – lwomankae ma

bhana – dha or bhana na – dha le
bhandai cha – dhaya chowna
bhani sakyo – dhaye dhunkala
bhannu parcha – dhae mani

becha – miu
bechdai cha – miya chowna
bechi sakyo – mie dhunkala
bechnu parcha – mie mani

basa – Phaytu
basdai cha – Phaytuna chowna
basi sakyo – Phaytue dhunkala
basnu parcha – Phaytue mani

bhuja – thueki
bhujdai cha – thuya wola
bhuji sakyo – thuwe dhunkala
bhujnu parcha – thuwekay mani

bhijyo – pyata
bhiji rakhyo – pyana chowna
bhiji sakyo – pyae dhunkala
bhijaunu parcha – pyakae mani

chyata – khu
chyatdai cha – khuya chowna
chyati sakyo – khwe dhunkala
chyatnu parcha – khwe mani

chod – twoti
choddai cha – twota chowna
chodi sakyo – twotae dhunkala
chodnu parcha – twotae mani

chhana – lya
chandai cha – lyaya chowna
chani sakyo – lyae dhunkala
channu parcha – lyae mani

dyaue – biu
didai cha – biya chowna
di sakyo – bie dhunkala
dinu parcha – bie mani

dekhau – kyah
dekhaudai cha – kyana chowna
dekhai sakyo – kyane dhunkala
dekhaunu parcha – kyane mani

dekhyo – khana ?
dekhi sakyo – khanae dhunkala

fala – wanchha
faldai cha – wanchaya chowna
fali sakyo – wanchay dhunkala
falnu parcha – wanchay mani

feri gara – hana ya
feri gardai cha – hana ya chowna
feri gari sakyo – hana yae dhunkala
feri garnu parcha – hana yae mani

futyo – tajyata
futcha – tajyae
futi sakyo – tajyae dhunkala
futaunu parcha – tachhyae mani

ganayo – nawola
ganai rakhay ko cha – nawoya chongu du/chowna
ganai sakyo – nawoae dhunkala

hallau – shanki
hallaudai cha – shanka chowna
hallai sakyo – shankae dhunkala
hallau parcha – shankae mani

hana – kyaeki
handai cha – kyaeka chowna
hani sakyo – kyaekay dhunkala
hannu parcha – kyaekay mani

hera – swo
herdai cha – swoya chowna
heri sakyo – sway dhunkala
hernu parcha – sway mani

jau – hu
jadai cha – wona chowna
gai sakyo – wone dhunkala
janu parcha – wone mani

jhagada – lwapu
jhagada gardai cha – lwana chowna
jhagada gari sakyo – lwae dhunkala
jhagada garnu parcha – lwae mani

jhuto – makhuh
jhuto boldai cha – makhuh kha lhana chowna
jhuto boli sakyo – makhuh kha lhay dhunkala
jhuto bolnu parcha – makhuh kha lhay mani

Jula meaning or Bhayo meaning – jula (जुला) means happened or in Nepal we say bhayo (भयो).

what does twoti mean ?
Twoti means to say leave me, leave it, like in Nepali we say choda (छोड).

Sathi in Newari language – to say sathi in Newari you can say pasa to your friends. Pasa meaning in Nepali is sathi, mitra, mit etc but in Newari there is only one word for friend and that is pasa (पासा).

hana chu (हान्ह छु)- It means what again, feri ke in Nepali.


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