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Reference – सन्दर्भ Sandarbha

I was only speaking in reference to.
When she made reference to the tragic story, the whole room burst into tears.
The sources are available in the library for reference.
This provides a reference for writing.
With reference to an old story, Raju was able to make the whole room laugh.

Remittance – पैसा पठाउने काम

Sending money by a person to a person in another place.

Many countries place restrictions on the remittance of currency abroad.
You may arrange for periodical remittance for amounts greater than the above.
Please notes you order number and your name in the remittance details.
She sends a small remittance home to her parents each month.
Your last month’s salary will be paid by remittance.

Regret – पछुतो, पछुताउनु, अफसोस Aphasōsa

You’ll never regret this.
My only regrets are my mistakes.
He’s quick to apologize but his regrets sometimes lack sincerity.
I regret having told you.
I regret becoming a teacher.

Research – अनुसन्धान Anusandhāna

market research – बजार अनुसन्धान
scientific research – वैज्ञानिक अनुसन्धान

My wife and I promised we’d research the matter for her.
I’ll come to Kathmandu and help you with your research.
Well, he wants to do a little research to see if he can find an explanation.
The aim of the research is to find new energy sources.
He is doing research in agriculture.

Right share – हकप्रद सेयर

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