Garden designer in Kathmandu

There are many garden designer in Kathmandu but you might not find their online presence. Some gardener and nurseries provide this kind of services. There are many nurseries in Kathmandu valley but all of them might not provide this type of services. Swoyambhu Garden Service & Plant Nursery provides this type of services. There are others also and we’ll update it as soon as we get those contacts.


There are different types of gardens and you can create one according to your requirment. Sometimes a garden is created by a need or requirement for ecxample a vegetable garden whereas some are created for a special purpose, simply want a certain look such as traditional Italian or Japanese gardens. Gardening is more than just planting flowers, some garden designs are very well defined and culturally historic and have been used for centuries.


  • Rock Gardens
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Flower Gardens
  • Container Gardening
  • Demonstration Gardens
  • Container Gardens
  • Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
  • Greenhouse Gardens
  • Organic Gardening
  • Indoor Gardens
  • Water Gardens
  • Botanical Gardens

Rock Gardens

Name says it all, rock garden a garden with rocks but the amount of rock depends on your preferences. For small space the best design is round raised bed made of select rocks and it also won’t require a lot of maintenance. In Nepal you’ll see this type of gardens not only in residental areas but also in commercial space. In some design you’ll also see “dhunge dhara” which gives traditional Nepali looks.

Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly Gardens are created speciall for butterfly lovers where you can plant flowers that butterflies will love to be around. If you are interested in starting a Florida butterfly garden, the type of plant you choose will attract butterflies. You can also attract butterflies to your existing garden, for which you’ll need to have plants that will provide nectar and home for every stage of a butterfly’s development. It adds beauty to your garden.

Flower gardens

Flower gardens are the most common garden you’ll find on the planet earth. Human beings appreciate the fact that flowers are beautiful from a visual perspective. It adds a significant amount of color to your yard and make it more interesting .

Container Gardening

If you wish to have a garden but limited or small space then Container Gardening may be the best choice for you to grow plants in containers. Container gardening is fun and easy to enjoy with plants around your home with little space. It involves planting things in different containers such as flower pots, tubs, barrels, and other types of containers. Container Garden can be outdoor as well as indoor container gardens.

Demonstration Gardens

Demonstration Gardens showcase local plants and provide learning opportunities for home gardeners, landscape professionals. It gives idea on planting, design and also in maintenance.

Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs Gardens

If you’re ognaic food lover the Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs garden will be suitable for you. Here, organic food is 100% gurantteed when you grow them yourself. In the past people used grow medicinal herb gardens that could be used to make medicine before invention of modern medical facility. These days herbs can be grown which can be used on daily food such as mint, basil, coriander, rosemary etc.

Greenhouse Gardens

Greenhouse gardens are amazingly convenient for growing plants effectively when you need to warm place for your plants. Setting up a greenhouse garden isn’t simple, it will take a lot of resources in order to get everything going but you can also have mini-greenhouse.

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening mean a place where gardening is done without using chemical fertilizers and using composting, using natural fertilizers and recycling yard waste. It is very useful for yard waste left over from pruning.

Indoor Gardens

If outdoor garden is not possible then other option is indoor Gardens is best thing to do for palces where there have heavy snowfall. It is the excellent choice for someone who really loves gardening but some people like to build gardening area inside even there is possibility of outdoor gardens. Plans are diifernt for indoor gardens than that of outdoor gardens.

Water Gardens

Water Gardens are suitable for people who love to have aquatic plants and fish. It is also a beautiful attraction to your outdoor space. If you love plants and fish then water gardens might be your best choice.

Botanical gardens

Botanical gardens is a place with many varieties of plant which are dedicated to caring for plants and cultivating them. In Nepal you’ll find these gardens able to be toured by the public.

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