Good morning in Nepali language with video pronunciation

Good morning
Su-bha pra-bhat.
शुभ प्रभात Here, Subha means good and morning means prabhat. Morning is also called bihani (bi-ha-ni) or bihana. Normally Nepalese people do puja (worship) in the morning. The first thing to do is sweep the stairs in the house, bring fresh water, and do puja after that some people go for a morning walk or have tea, etc.

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Good morning, Can I help you?
Su-bha pra-bhat, ke ma ta-pai-lai sa-ha-yog gar-na sak-chu.
शुभ प्रभात, के म तपाईंलाई सहयोग गर्न सक्छु ? Can mean ke, I is ma, you mean tapai or timi. For elder people, you can say tapai which means a respected form of you, and to younger people, friends you can say timi. Help means maddat (ma-ddat) in Nepali.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Su-bha pra-bhat, ma-hi-la ra saj-jan-ha-ru.
शुभ प्रभात, महिला र सज्जनहरू। Lady is mahila, nari or stree and ladies means mahila haru. Similarly, sajjan means gentleman and gentlemen means sajjanharu.

Good morning, girls and boys!
Su-bha pra-bhat, ke-ta-ke-ti-ha-ru!
शुभ प्रभात, केटाकेटीहरू! Girl is keti and boy is keta. Someone may say bhura bhuri also depends upon place to place. To teenage girls and boys people call theta, theiti haru.

Good morning, Uncle!
Su-bha pra-bhat, kaka!
शुभ प्रभात काका! Here kaka means unlce. Normally, kaka means uncle who is younger than his/her father in age. To father’s elder brother, people call “Thulo buwa”.

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