Gurung names for baby boy with meaning

Dawa – it means Monday or Moon
Dorje – Dorja is used while worshipping Vajra, scepter a symbol of spiritual strength and compassion
Karma – means action that we do everyday
Lobsang – the kind hearted one
Palsang – Friday
Phurba – a stake used for tethering
Mingma – Tuesday
Mukhiya – title used for a head of community or village
Rinchen – treasure
Sonam – merit, prosperity and fortune
Tshering – long life
Tenzing – the holder of Buddha dharma, guardian of the teachings of the Buddha
Tashi – good fortune or auspiciousness
Wangyal – victor or Triumph of power

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These names are used for both boy and girl

Karma – means action
Tenzing – the holder of Buddha dharma
Sonam – merit, prosperity, fortune

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