Khwasa is a Newari bad word. Khawasa Newari means pubic hair we call in muji in Nepali language or guptangako rau (गुप्ताङ्गको रौँ). For male or female both gender pubic hair is called Khwasa. It is not taken as normal to speak this word in public places. There is also saying in Newari – “Khwasa chuya hyangwa mazu ख्वासा छुया ह्यन्ग्वा मजु” that means when you burn pubic hair it doesn’t become charcoal. Kwahsa meaning when someone says useless/valuless things etc then people use these words. Usually people use this words among friends.

This page contains Newari bad words just for information only. We suggest not to use this word in public places or in your daily life. You might have heard people using this word but it doesn’t sound good.

Khwasa macha meaning in Nepali : Khwasa macha means pubic hair kid in English language. We also have same word in Nepali language also, khwasa macha meaning in Nepali is “muji baccha”.

Khwasa word used in sentences:

Khwasa ga-na wone tya-nau ?
Khwasa where are you going ?

Khwasa tha-na wa.
… come here.

Khwasa uh-khay hu.
Go there.

Khwasa ma-nu.
… human being.

Khwasa tha-na swa.
Look here.

Khwasa jie chan-ta shya-na-bi.
I’ll kill you.

Khwasa sunk-ka chowa or ha-lay ma-tay.
Shut up.

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