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Nepali (Devanagari: नेपाली) language is an Indo-Aryan language, initially it is known as Khasa Bhasa which literally means Khas language. It is mainly spoken in Nepal, some parts of India like Sikkim etc., Myanmar and nearly a quarter of the population in Bhutan. It is believed that the origin of the modern Nepali language is from Sinja valley of Jumla. You’ll find Nepali language slightly dfferent during the time of King Prithivi Narayan Shah from today’s Nepali. Nepali language is written using the Devanagari alphabet.

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Learn Nepali greeting

Nepali greeting is “Namaste” (Namastē) or “Namaskar” which is said by joining both hands. It is pronounced as “nah-mah-stay” or “nah-mas-kar” which is similar to “Hello” in English language.

Boka meaning

Boka means goat in Nepali but other meaning is playboy or a person who runs after girls, thinks about girls everytime and so on.

Bhalu meaning

Exact meaning of Bhalu in Nepali is bear but people also mean whore when they are saying it to a girl.

Jatha meaning

Jatha mean pubic hair in Nepali language. It is used between friends but it is not good to use in public. Sometime you might see people using this word while fighting.

Jhyau meaning

When people feel bore they say “Jhyau lagyo” which means feeling bore but instead of using this you can say “Alchi lagyo” means feeling lazy or feeling bore. Jhyau may sound something else also, so it’s better to use “Alchi lagyo”.

khatey meaning

khatey means street kids.

Luri meaning

Luri means thin girl.

Mula meaning

Mula means raddish and it also means people having less value. People also use this word with friends saying “Hey mula” or “a mula” just to say hello or to start a conversation and also between conversation.

Nakachari meaning

Nakachari means shameless girl and Nakachara means shameless boy.

Best Happy birthday wishes in Nepali with pronunciation – In Nepal birthday is celebrated in different ways in different communities. According to old tradition Nepalese do not cut cakes on birthday. Here, you’ll learn to wish birthday along with video for pronunciation.

Raches meaning

Raches means demon.

Harami meaning

Harami is Hindi word but also used in Nepal. It means bastard and not a proper word to use. Sometimes people also use this to say extraodinary or superb.

Important topics to Learn Nepali language

Gorgeous meaning in Nepali language – Learn word meaning of the word “Gorgeous” and it’s use in different sentences.

Good morning in Nepali language with video pronunciation and other words – Greetings

How are you in Nepali language ? – Ask people about their conditions and how to reply when someone asks you.

Question: How are you? तपाईलाइ कस्तो छ? Tapaailai kasto chha?
Answer: I’m fine म सन्चै छु। Ma sanchai chhu.

How to pronounce Nepal in Nepali, American and British English language – Some people pronounce it as Nay-pay whereas some say it Nay-pol. British English is slightly different than American English.

How to say hello in Nepali language with text and video

I love you in Nepali and other love phrases – maya and prem both mean love but normally people say maya. Maya is name of girl where as Prem is name of a boy.

Thank you in Nepali language with video pronunciation – Thank you. धन्यवाद dhanyawaad.

What are you doing in Nepali language with video

What is your name in Nepali language

Where are you in Nepali language with video

Good bye!
बिदा भए है त।
bida bhaye hai ta.

See you later!
पछी भेटौंला।
Pachhi bhetaunla.