Learn Newari easily with examples

Learn Newari language and save Nepali language. Here, I’ve translated sentences and words from Newari to Nepali which will help you to learn. You can also ask your questions below at the bottom of the page in the comment section. This website is the best place for Newari language learning in Nepali.

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Boy : Hello baby doll.
हेल्लो प्यारी पुतली ।
हेल्लो हीशी दु म कतामरी ।
हेल्लो प्यारी (lovely) पुतली (doll)।
hello pyari putali
हेल्लो हीशी (cute) दु म कतामरी (doll)।
hello heshe du ma katamari

Boy in the Newari language is known as “Baucha” and baby in Newari means “Macha” but it doesn’t mean lover. It only means a kid. Hello means namaste in Nepali and Newari language namaste means jwojalapa but we don’t say jwojalapa to friends or lovers. You can say “chu du” (ke cha in Nepali) etc.

Girl: My king.
मेरो राजा ।
जिगु जुजु ।
मेरो राजा (king)। mero raja
जिगु जुजु (king)। jigu juju

Boy: What are you doing ?
तिमी के गर्दै हो ?
छ छु याना चोनागु ?
तिमी (you) के गर्दै (doing) हो ? timi ke gardai chau
छ (you) छु याना चोनागु (doing) ? cha chu yana chonagu

Instead of k gardai chau in Newari, you can also say sanchai xau in Newari like this “Mha fu la”. Mha also means body.

Girl: I won’t say.
म भन्दिन ।
जि धाय मखु ।
नाई (no) भन्दिन (won’t say) । nai bhandina
म्हा (no) धाय मखु (won’t say) । mha dhaye makhu

Boy: Please tell me.
भन न ।
धा ले ।
भन (tell) न । bhana na
धा (tell) ले । dha le

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