In every language there is good words and bad words. This article is just for information. We suggest not to use this word in public places, family gathering etc. Mampakha meaning in Newari is mother f**ker. It is pronounced as Mam-pa-kha. It is a Newari slang word.

You might have heard people using this word but it is not good habit to use this word in public places. Some people use this word without knowing meaning of it.

Mampakha meaning in Nepali

There is also similar word in Nepali language as Mampakha in Newari. After explaining Newari meaning you might have guessed Mampakha meaning in Nepali. So I think I don’t need to explain it in Nepali.

Mampakha meaning in English

Mampakha meaning in English is same as I’ve explained above.

Mampakha word used in sentences:

Mampakha ga-na ?
Mampakha where are you ?

Mampakha tha-na wa.
Mampakha come here.

Mampakha uh-khay hu.
Go there.

Mampakha tha-na swa.
Look here.

Mampakha jie chan-ta shya-na-bi.
I’ll kill you.

Mampakha sunk-ka chowa.
Shut up.

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