Monkey in Newari

English: Monkey
Nepali: Badar (बाँदर) ba-dar
Newari translation: Makah (माक) ma-kah

Makah means monkey in Newari language. You can also say Big monkey as tarhimha (तर्हिम्ह) makah and it is pronounced as ta-rhi-mha. For small monkey you can say chirhimha (चिर्हिम्ह) makah. You can say hakumha (हकुम्ह) makah for black color monkey, pronounced as ha-ku-mha and for white monkey it is said tuyumha (तुयुम्ह) tu-yu-mha makah. There is also a song called “A makah jungali makah mikha makha pwakha” which is very popular among kids. Talking about monkeys people notice monkey red asshole रातो चाख and it is said hyau khyampwa (हयाउँ ख्य्याम्प्वा) hyau khyam-pwa. Hyau means red color and khyampwa means asshole. Pwa (प्वा) means hole and for stomace also it is called pwa. You might be thinking khyampwa means asshole and khyam might be ass but it’s not like that. Ass or chakha (चाख) in Nepali means Pya (प्यँ) in Newari language. Monkey’s tail is called makahya nyhapah (माकया न्य्हपँ) ma-kah-ya nyha-pah.

I love you in different languages

English: Are you a monkey?
Nepali: Timi badar ho ? तिमी बाँदर हो?
Newari translation: cha makah kha la ? (cha ma-kah kha la) छ माक ख ला?
Here cha means you.

You look like a money.
Timi badar jasto cha. तिमी बाँदर जस्तो छ ।
Cha makah thae chow. छ माक थेँ चोँव ।
Thae chow means look like.

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Monkey’s baby.
Badar-ko baccha. बाँदरको बच्चा
Makah ya macha. माकया मचा
Makah ya macha Here macha means baby and it is pronounced as Ma-cha.

Baby monkey.
Baccha badar. बच्चा बाँदर
Makah macha माक मचा

Are you a monkey ?
Timi badar ho ? तिमी बाँदर हो?
Cha makah kha la ? छ माक ख ला? Cha means you as we explained above.
Kha la means asking in he/she agrees or disagrees what you say.

Looks like a monkey.
Badar jasto cha. बाँदर जस्तो छ ।
Makah thae chow. माक थेँ चोँव । Makha the chow.
Tahe chow means looks like a monkey.

Oh monkey.
A badar. ऐ बाँदर
A makah. ऐ माक
A makah is said to make fun some someone by calling so. People may also say then they are angry.

Oh monkey come here.
A badar yeta au. ऐ बाँदर यता आउ ।
A makah thana wa. ऐ माक थन वा ।
Thana wa means come here and it is pronounced as tha-na wa.

Shut up monkey.
Chup lag baadar. चुप लाग बाँदर ।
Halay mate sunka chow makah. हाले मते सुन्कँ चोँ माक ।
Here halay matay means don’t shout and sunka chow means keep quit or shut up. Halay matay is pronounced as ha-lay ma-tay and sunka chow is pronounces as sun-ka chow.

In Kathmandu you can find monkeys at places like Swayambhunath which is also popular as monkey temple. It’s name is Swayambhunath not monkey temple and it is not appropriate to say monkey temple as it is religious site of Buddhist as well as hindu. There is also a temple of Harati mata. Foreigners started call it monkey temple as they saw many monkeys around the temple. Other places are Pashupati and Zoo where you can find monkeys. According to the hindu religion monkey is taken as God Hanuman, symbol of strength.

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