Meaning of Naku in Newari word is penis. Male reproductive organ is called Naku. Not only for human beings we call same for animal reproductive organ also. It is pronounced as Na-ku and this sounds little bit uncomfortable. When you need to say in-front of other people then it doesn’t sounds good. But it is normal to speak among best friends depending upon your and your friends nature. Indirectly it can also be said as “mi-ja-tay chow phau”.


  • mi-ja-tay – boys/male
  • chow – urine
  • phau – it means doing long or short toilet

In this was we can explain while taking formally instead of directly saying Naku. You can also use same sentence “mi-ja-tay chow phau” with new friends or friends who are not close to you. Human behavior, thought, communication style, dealing with people etc may differ from place to place. Currently in Nepal we don’t use word Naku directly while taking in public places, with relative, family members. Some people might think it’s just a part of a body why to hesitate to say it and there is nothing to mention about it. We’ve mentioned here so that you’ll not get into some uncomfortable situation after learning and using this word.

For example:
Penis paining (paining = shya-ta)
Direct – Naku shya-ta
Indirect – mi-ja-tay chow phau shya-ta or chow phau shya-ta

When someone is angry then he might say “Naku na” which means eat penis. When someone says this you should know that he is very angry. But some people might not use these slang words while they’re very angry whereas someone might say while joking also. Similarly, some people have habit of saying bad words while taking. If he frequently uses this word without being angry then you should understand that he has habit of saying bad words.

This article is just for educational purpose. Just to explain word meaning, human behavior in the community. We don’t suggest to use this word in your daily life.

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