Namaste in Magar language

Jhor/mijhor/jhormin – greeting
Gorak – morning
Namasin – afternoon
Chamarlak – evening
Nabi – night

I love you in different languages

Thank you, god bless you.
Jilau bhagyamani atchhane

You are beautiful.
nako Seycha le.

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Hello how are you ?
Jherma na le ?

I’m fine
Nga sehema na le

Where are you ?
nako kulak ale?

Have you eat rice or not ?
Chho Jya ki Ma Jya ?

What is your name?
Nakung myarmin he ale?

What you say?
Hee decha ale.

Have you take a tea?
chho Jya ki Ma Jya?

Where had you been?
kulak nuwara raahachha nako?

I had gone Kathmandu.
nga Kathmandu nuwara raahachha.

I have gone town.
nga bazar nuwara raahachha.

How to do this one?
Ise kujana jatki ale.

Whose book is that?
Ise kitab su ale?

Who is that man?
Hos bharni su ale?

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