What does boka mean in Nepali?
Real meaning of boka means a billy goat/male goat.
In case of slang people here have portrayed it as similar to playboy, refer to someone who is really thirsty of sex and is horny or usually thinks about girls or sex.

What is the meaning of Nepali word ‘jatha’?
Jatha means ‘Pubic hair’ but it has turned into a derogatory term for a man. Like most gender specific words, it also has a female counterpart ‘jathi’.

What is the meaning of Nepali word ‘muji’?
Muji means ‘Pubic hair’. It is not good to use this word but mostly it is used between very closed friends while talking.

Jhyau meaning in English
Word Jhyau has multiple meaning one is ‘feeling bore’ and other indirect slang meaing is ‘Pubic hair’.

Khoya Nepali meaning
It means ‘useless’ in Nepali language.

Gula meaning in Nepali
Gula meaning in Nepali is scrotum.

Nakachari meaning in Nepali
Nakachari means shameless female) and Nakachara means shameless male.

Pataki meaning in Nepali
Pataki is a word use for any person who has habit of show off or useless person.

Dalal meaning in Nepali
Dalal means broker and in Nepal broker is not a good word. It is used to scold someone. Currently real estate brokers are not seen as a respectful job in Nepal but stock broker business is taken as a good business.

Muji meaning in Nepali
Muji means “pubic hair” in English.