Skywalk Tower Kathmandu

Skywalk Tower at Kamaladi in Kathmandu is a new destination for adventure tourists. It is a tourism infrastructure at the heart of the city. This tower in Kathmandu is 78 meters tall, upto 500 people can fit in the skywalk area at a time and it has a slogan “sky is no more higher”.


The visitors can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Kathmandu valley and can walk on a transparent glass floor on top of the tower. It is a place to climb high above the ground and walk in a completely transparent glass structure. Walking on a completely transparent glass structure in the tower feels like walking in the sky, from where you can see the garden, market and moving vechiles on roads.

There is an elevator and a ladder as well to climb up, people can use elevator to reach above or also by walking. The walking space on top of the tower is 2000 square feet and has a 6 feet high glass railing around it.

There will be space for yoga, restaurants, other entertainment facilities and will have garden, shopping center, restaurant on the ground floor. There is space for parking 70 cars and 300 bikes.

It is an innovative concept, new in the field of entertainment by Wonders Group. It is South Asia’s second skywalk and one of the tallest infrastructures in Nepal. Pelling Skywalk of Sikkim, India is the first Skywalk of South Asia, constructed in 2018.

Skywalk Tower ticket price

It will be soon opened for the public and is said that a fee of Nrs. 1000 will be charged per person to climb the tower.

Skywalk tower Bhedetar and Skywalk Tower Kanyam

Skywalk Tower Kathmandu location map


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