Alugina papali
It means rotten pussy.

Arippu edutha kuthi mavale
The itching pussy.

Blouse thukkudu
It means lift the blouse.

Chunni meaning in English.
Chunni in Tamil language means dick.

Enna oombudi alavedutha kundi.
It means suck me you dead pussy.

Erumbu meaning in English.
In Tamil language Erumbu means boobs.

Gajak kol
It means big cock.

Loosu koothi translation in tamil
Loosu koothi means stupid, fool ass or a dumb.

Kaai meaning in Tamil.
kaai means boobs and kaai amuki means one who presses the breast in Tamil language.

Kanji meaning in English

Ki adi Meaning.
It means to Masturbate.

Kundi mudi
Ass hair

Maire meaning in Tamil.
Mayire means private part hair / pubic hair.

Meaning of kandaroli in Tamil.
It means whore.

Meaning of mairu pudingi.
Mairu pudungi or mairu pudingi means pubic hair plucker.

Molai in Tamil meaning.
Molai means nipples, munni thalai nipple head and Mola sappi means a person who sucks nipple.

Mollamaari meaning
It means stupid person

Monna naaye
It’s meaning is blunt dog in Tamil.

Ommala meaning.
Ommala means your mom in Tamil language.

Ommala okka meaning in Tamil
It is Tamil bad word which means fuck your mom in Tamil language.

Paal pappaali meaning
It means milky tits.

Pacha thevidiya
It means woman who sleeps with everyone.

Pochchu meaning in Tamil.
It means pussy.

Panni meaning in Tamil.
It means Pig.

Papali and Paaladanja papali punda
Papali means pussy and paaladanja papali punda means haunted pussy.

Pisasu meaning in English.
Pisasu is not a bad word, it means devil.

Poolu word meaning in Tamil.
Poolu means dick.

Pundaye Naku or Pundaye Nakku
It means suck a pussy.

Rajeena meaning in Tamil.
It means dumb shit.

Rose bud meaning in Tamil
Here we’re not talking about Rose bud in English language but we’re talking about Tamil language and it means head of the Penis.

Sunni meaing in Tamil.
Sunni means Penis in Tamil.

Sunniya oombu
It means suck the dick in English.

Sunniya uruvudi thevdia .
Meaning pull the dick you prostitute in Tamil language.

Suthu kolutha thatuvani meaning.
It means a prostitute having a big booty.

Sappi Tamil meaning
It means penis sucker.

Soothu meaning
It means butt.

Thai Olee Mavane
It means mother fucker.

Thatuvani Munda

Thoomiya kudiki meaning in Tamil.
It is a insult sentence which means “drink female menstrual blood”. People use this type of sentences when they are angry.

Thotti meaning in Tamil.
Thotti means bad man or we can also say peroson who is engaged in crime, a criminal.

Un soothula en poolu.
It means my dick in your ass.

Vaile vatchuko or vaile vachuko
It means keep it in your mouth

Valaipalam in Tamil.
It means Penis.

Visai meaning in Tamil.
Vesai is said when someone wants to say whore to a girl or a women. It is word for which has bad meaning and people use this word when they are quarreling. It iis not good pratice to use this type of word in our daily life. Here we’ve mentioned it just for education purpose.

what is naai in English.
Meaning of naii in Tamil is dog.

What does Anaathai Kaluthai means in Tamil?
It means Orphaned Donkey in Tamil language.

What does Avuthu kami mean ?
It is bad word in Tamil language which means remove and show your pussy.

What does the word poolu meaning.
Poolu means penis in Tamil.

What does kadiki means ?
It means one who bites the penis.

What does the sentence Thevdiya kuthiya naku da mean ?
It means lick the whore’s pussy in Tamil.

What does pareshan meaning in English.
It means gay boy with vagina.

what does the word baadu mean?
Baadu means pimp in Tamil.

What does Thevadiya mavan mean in Tamil.
It means Son of a bitch.

Yethava meaning
It means a bastard in Tamil.

Yermai poolu poite chhapeda, naye!
It is a bad Tamil word but it’s funny and it means go suck a buffalo’s dick, you dog!