Where are you in Nepali language with video

Where are you?
Timī Kahām̐ chau?
Timi kaha chau?
Ti-mi ka-ha cha-u?
तिमी कहाँ छौ?
Here timi means you. You can say timi to younger people or to your friends. Kaha means where, location or place.


Tapā’īṁ kahām̐ hunuhuncha?
Ta-pai kaha hunu huncha?
Ta-pai ka-ha hu-nu hun-cha?
तपाईं कहाँ हुनुहुन्छ?
Tapai also means you but Tapai we use for elder people with respect. If you say timi to elder or respected people then it sounds like you’re insulting them. Tapai refers respect towwards the people you’re talking with. To younger people we can say chau and to elder hunu huncha.

Where are you from?
Timī kahām̐bāṭa ā’ēkō hō?
Timi kahabat ayeko ho?
Ti-mi ka-ha-bat aye-ko ho?
तिमी कहाँबाट आएको हो ?

Tapā’īṁ kahām̐bāṭa ā’unubha’ēkō hō?
Tapai kahabat aunubhayeko ho?
Ta-pai ka-ha-bat au-nu-bha-ye-ko ho?
तपाईं कहाँबाट आउनुभएको हो ?

Where are you now?
Timī ahilē kahām̐ chau?
Timi ahile kaha chau?
Ti-mi a-hi-le ka-ha cha-u?
तिमी अहिले कहाँ छौ?
Here ahile means now, current time.

Tapā’īṁ ahilē kahām̐ hunuhuncha?
Tapai ahile kaha hunu huncha?
Ta-pai a-hi-le ka-ha hu-nu hun-cha?
तपाईं अहिले कहाँ हुनुहुन्छ?

Where are you going now?
Timī ahilē kahām̐ jām̐dai chau?
Timi ahile kaha jadai chau?
Ti-mi a-hi-le ka-ha ja-dai cha-u?
तिमी अहिले कहाँ जाँदै छौ ?
Jadai means going.

Tapā’īṁ Ahilē kahām̐ jām̐dai hunuhuncha?
Tapai ahile kaha jadai hunuhuncha?
Ta-pai a-hi-le ka-ha ja-dai hu-nu-hun-cha?
तपाईं अहिले कहाँ जाँदै हुनुहुन्छ?

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