Learn Nepali language

English to Nepali

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Learn words and sentences from English to Nepali languages easily with explanation of each word meaning in detail. Hello in EnglishTo say Hello in Nepali…

I love you in different languages

How to say I love you in Tharu language…

July 28, 2021 0

You can say – Mai tuhin maya/pyar karthuMai – ITuhin – YouMaya/pyar – LoveKarthu – Do

Learn Newari language

Me Timila ja

September 27, 2021 0

Learn Nepalbhasa khursaniMaltaखुर्सानीमल्टाIn Nepal language Chilly is known as khursani and in Nepalbhasa chilly is known as “malta”. Rato khursaniHyau Maltaरातो खुर्सानीह्याऊँ मल्टाRed chilly is…


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Trekking in Nepal

Dolpo Trekking is best known of the many isolated high Himalayan valleys across northern Nepal

January 11, 2020 0

The Dolpo region is best known of the many isolated high Himalayan valleys across northern Nepal, Dolpo preserves one of the last remnants of traditional…

Manaslu Trekking in Nepal is a fascinating destination with diverse range of ecosystems and ethnic…

January 11, 2020 0

Manaslu trekking is a fascinating course, the Manaslu, Known as “three peaks”. It is a well- loved trek from Gorkha or Trisuli Bazar to the…

Mustang Trekking mystique kingdom unique landscape

January 11, 2020 0

The Trek to this mystique kingdom which requires a special permit that costs US$ 700 per person [valid for 10 Days] begins at the airstrip…

Culture of Nepal

Bel bibaha Newa culture

August 24, 2021 0

Bel Bivaha is an old ritual in Newa community which is also followed today. It is called ‘ehi’ in Nepalbhasa. In this ritual a girl…

Magar caste list

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Newari Ornaments

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