Taxi in Nepal for tourists

It is easy to get comfortable taxis in the major cities of Nepal. You’ll see a white color taxi on the street. In some cities, if you’re unable to get a taxi then you can get a tempo as an alternative to a cab. A tempo ride may be a fun and new experience for you. You’ll find it in places like Hetauda. You’ll need to take care of your safety if you’re using a taxi during night time etc. It doesn’t mean taxi ride is unsafe in Nepal. If you’re using an offline cab from a taxi stand then there might not be any record of your ride. During the daytime and in overcrowded people you’ll have no problem but during night time and if you’re a female solo traveler then you’ll need to think of your safety. Here, in Nepal, people don’t spend nightlife as it is done at other parts of the world. There will be few people on the streets after 8 PM and in small cities after 6 PM or 7 PM you’ll see fewer people. We don’t mean that it is dangerous to step outside after getting dark, we mean you’ll need to pay attention to your safety.


Taxi price in Nepal

There is a taxi price fixed by the government according to the fuel price and distance traveled but in real life, this is not practiced by taxi drivers. Fuel price also changes frequently and the cab doesn’t run on a taxi-meter. Sometimes there is a shortage of fuel and during this time the taxi price goes higher than usual. Other public vehicles like buses, tempo, etc are cheaper than taxis but public transport runs on a fixed route only.

Online taxi service in Nepal

Till today there is no company providing online taxi service all over Nepal but you can find some companies operating in major cities of Nepal.

Online taxi service in Kathmandu

There are many online taxi services in Kathmandu. Nepal taxi apps are Pathao, Tootle, etc. These online cabs in Kathmandu are easy to book and safe to use. You can easily download these apps from the app store for online taxi booking.

Full day taxi fare in Kathmandu

There is no fixed rate to estimate full-day taxi fares in Kathmandu. It depends upon the cab driver, the price of fuel during that time, the destination, etc. For full-day vehicle hiring you can also hire a jeep, car having full option or half option in the vehicle. Taxi might not be the best option for off-roads in Kathmandu or nearby Kathmandu. For off-road, you can hire a Scorpio jeep or other similar jeep. For going to Nagarkot, Dakshinkali you can easily reach there by cab.

Is uber available in Nepal ?

No, Uber is not available in Nepal.

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