The name Ilam is derived from the Limbu Language that is the word “Ii” means twisted and the word “Lam” means road. Tea production in Ilam started since 1863, when the Chinese government offered to Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana for tea cultivation. Ilam is the district of Nepal that situated in the far eastern.


Ilam is a tea-producing area in Nepal. This district mostly covered by hills and also surround by the natural geo-structure, temperate climate, low green hills and fertile lands,simple living style and houses own arts and unique style. The district is famous for tea and potato, cardamom, ginger, red round chilly and a grass from which brooms are made. This all produced material are exported to the foreign countries.

On the another hand, Ilam also contain many famous tourism area. They are Shriantu (situated in the far east of Ilam and famous for viewing sunrise and also beautiful tea gardens can be seen from this place.), Sandakpur (Situated in the north of Ilam and different animals such as musk deer,red panda, rare species of birds pheasant can also be watched.), Mangmalung (situated in the middle Of Ilam and famous for religious place for the Kiratis), Chhintapu (Mt. kanchenjunga and parts of Ilam can be seen from here.), Maipokhari (situated at the top of Maipokhari and Sulubung in the middle of forest and has 188 sq. hectares. in area with a radius of 750m with nine corners.), Todke Waterfall (situated in Maimajhuwa in the north and highest waterfall in Ilam with 285 ft. high).

Tourists from different country come in Ilam district for tour. Many religious tourists come here to visit and worship in the temple of Ilam district. So, Ilam is also the major source of tourism area. Here tourists come to see the tea garden and sunrise place to watch the sun rising in the early in the morning. You can also taste the local tea that are directly brought from the tea garden without processing to the factory. You can also see the road that attach with the tea cultivation land. Therefore, tourists of world come in Ilam to visit and to take entertainment of nature and beauty.

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