Baghdwar hiking

Hiking in Daman situated 80 kilometers south- west of Kathmandu at an altitude of about 2100 meters located on the Tribhuvan Highway

In Srimad Pashupati Puran, it is said that Mahadev got impressed from Bhakta Prahlad prayer. Bagmati is originated from Mahadev’s Vocal when he appeared in the Shivapuri mountain. For Hindus and Buddhist Baghdwar is a sacred pilgrimage site and also the origin of the holy river of Bagmati. There are several Hindu and Buddhist statues … Read more



Galkot consist amazing and mind blowing places that attracts travelers. There are numerous places for tourist from the big hills like Ghumte for trekkers and visitors to fast following river such as Daram khola and Gaudi khola. The highest peak in Galkot is Ghumte Hill which is main attraction for Tourist. The longest fall is … Read more


Chitwan National Park

All about Chitwan History of Chitwan “Chitrawan”, meaning “picturesque wilderness”, is believed to be the root word of Chitwan. It’s history is characterized by its religious divinity and its popularity as a prime hunting ground. Chitwan hosted the rulers of Nepal and their Royal guests that included King George V (B.S. 1968) and Prince of … Read more


Happy dashain in Newari language

The greatest festival of Nepal, Dashain is celebrated on Ashoj Kartik which comes in September end or early October. This main festivals in Nepal which means the ten days celebrations. On the first day, in every house, the ceremony of Ghatasthapana is performed. It is entirely a domestic observance confined to one’s own household and … Read more



The name Ilam is derived from the Limbu Language that is the word “Ii” means twisted and the word “Lam” means road. Tea production in Ilam started since 1863, when the Chinese government offered to Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana for tea cultivation. Ilam is the district of Nepal that situated in the far eastern. … Read more


Prithvi narayan shah sons

Gorkha is the birth place of great King Prithivi Narayan Shah, the founder of “Shah Dynasty” in Nepal. In the 18 th century, King Prithivi Narayan Shah, unified small kingdoms into one kingdom Nepal. At that time Nepal was divided into 50 tiny states and Gorkha was one of them. It covers an area of … Read more



Dhulikhel, is a place beauty and paradise for nature lovers lies 30 km east of Kathmandu on a top hill attached with the B.P.Highway and Arniko Highway. Mostly people in Dhulikhel villages are Newars, Brahmin, Tamang and Dalit. Dhulikhel is well known for its sunrise views and good way to know about of Nepalese village … Read more

Tilicho Lake information

The highest lake in the world, Tilicho Lake is 4,949 m high and collects the glacial melt of Annapurna and Thorang Peak in Manang district of Nepal. Tilicho Lake also provides the site of highest altitude scuba dives. First Russian diving team had conducted a scuba dive in the Tilicho Lake in 2000 A.D. Planning … Read more

About Dakshinkali temple

About Dakshinkali temple

Goddess Dakshinkali is situated at a hilly place nearby Pharping located at a distance of 18 km south from Kathmandu Valley and about two kilometers south of Shekha Narayan. A 45 minute drive south from Kathmandu brings you to Dakshinkali. Dakshinkali is regarded as one of most important Hindi goddesses. This temple is recognized as … Read more

Places to see in Bhaktapur


Best places to see in Bhaktapur Siddha Pokhari Constructed in the early 15th century by King Yakshya Malla, Siddha Pokhari is also known as ‘Indra Daha’. On the next day of Indra Jatra, an assemblage of the devotees can be seen. They take the holy dip in the Siddhi Pokhari and offer oil lamps to … Read more