Tindhare Waterfall or Bahubali Jharna: A Refreshing Escape

Tindhare Waterfall Viral Bahubali jharana in Kavre

Nepal, a land of natural wonders, is home to a hidden gem that’s sure to captivate your senses. Tindhare Waterfall is located in Kafaldanda, Roshi municipality in the Kavre district of Nepal. Tindhare Waterfall is also known as “Tindhare jharana”, “Tindhara”, “Tindhare Chhango”, “BahuBali jharana” and “Viral Bahubali waterfall in Kavre”. It is called BahuBali … Read more

A Day in Paradise: Exploring Lauke Jharana


Lauke Jharana, also known as “Lauke Waterfall”, is a lovely waterfall located in the Nuwakot district in Nepal. It’s a natural waterfall where water flows down from a higher place and creates a beautiful sight. The length of the waterfall is about 120 meters. You can also see panoramic views of mountains from this place. … Read more

Nepal’s Hidden Gem: Mailung Jharna

Mailung Jharna

Mailung Jharna, also known as “Mailung Waterfall” or “Bhange Jharna”, is a beautiful waterfall in Rasuwa, on the border of Kispang municipality and Rasuwa district. It is located alongside the road of the upper Trishuli hydropower plant in Rasuwa. This hidden gem is a popular natural attraction known for its stunning beauty. The waterfall is … Read more

Mohini Jharana near Kathmandu

Mohini Jharana near Kathmandu

Mohini Jharana (मोहिनी झरना) is located in the Markhu region of Khulekhani, Nepal. It is also known as Thadokhola Jharana and Kulekhani Jharana. Mohini waterfall is a beautiful place near Kathmandu city. It also offers a natural swimming pool-like atmosphere, visitors can also enjoy swimming in the natural pool. It is approximately 50 km from … Read more

Simba Falls


Simba Falls is in Mahankal Rural Municipality, Lalitpur. Simba Falls is also known as Manikhel waterfall by the local Tamang community. It is called Simba Waterfall in the Tamang language because the water is very cold. In the Tamang language, Simba refers to cold. Simba jharana or Simba Waterfall is a combination of different small … Read more

Lamo jharana or Jalbire jharana in Chitwan

Lamo jharana

Lamo jharana (long waterfall) which is also known as Jalbire jharana is located at Ichchhakamana-6, Jalbire, Chitwan. Jalbire is a 20-minute walk, 1 km from the Jalbire temple. It is the longest waterfall falling 102 meters in height. Waterfalls striking on the big rocks. When you observe it from the bottom it looks as if … Read more

List of waterfalls in Nepal

Waterfalls in Nepal

Nepal is a country with many amazing waterfalls. People visits to see these stunning waterfalls in Nepal. Nepal’s natural beauty is perfectly complemented by its waterfalls, and visiting these places is a great way to experience the country’s stunning landscapes. Here is the list of waterfalls in Nepal. Pachal Waterfall – Highest waterfall of Nepal … Read more

A Guide to Devi’s Fall

Devi's fall

Pokhara Valley is supposed to be a hidden valley treasure rich in natural beauty like Devi’s fall, mountain, lake, rivers, famous stupa, waterfalls temples, and many more trekking places in Annapurna region – Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Ghorepani Poonhill trek, Macchapuchhrey valley trek, Jomsom Muktinath trek, Nar phu valley trek and upper … Read more