Panauti Heritage City A to Z Travel Guide

Panauti is well preserved Newari town located in the Kavre district where two rivers Rosi and Punyamati come together. Legend has it that a third river Rudhrawati flows into Panauti, forming a Triveni (three rivers junction), resembling Lord Shiva’s Trident. Yet, this third river is said to be visible only to the devout and the … Read more

Ratna mandir durbar

Ratna mandir durbar

Ratna Mandir, the former royal family’s palace in Pokhara. King Mahendra constructed Ratna Mandir Palace and named it after his second wife Ratna Rajya Lakshmi Devi. It was built in 2013 B.S (1956 A.D). It is located on the shore of the Phewa lake in Gauri Ghat, Lakeside, Pokhara, covering a total area of 110 … Read more

Makawanpurgadhi history and travel info


Nepal’s largest and most fortified fort Makwanpurgadhi is located in Makwanpur District of Nepal. Gadhi means Fort in the Nepali language. It is 17 km north of Hetauda. Makwanpur Gadhi was built by King Tula Sen, to secure the main fort 25 feet high and 7 feet wide wall surrounding the fort. There is a … Read more

Sahales Durbar


King Sahales is considered as the most popular King of Mithila after King Janak. His real name was Raja Jayavardhan Sailesh. Mahisautha, present day Siraha Madar is his birth place. In Siraha district, there are remains of the Karnataka period. There are many historical places in this district related to him. He is still worshiped … Read more

Dhanapalgadhi palace of King Dhanpal in Morang


Historical and religious place Dhanapalgadhi (धनपाल गढी) is located at Belbari Municipality, Kaseni, Morang. Gadhi means fort in the Nepali language. Today the place where the historical ruins are located was Raja Dharmapala or Dhanapal’s Gadhi. The ruins of King Dhanpal’s royal palace can be seen even today in a small forest. After observing bricks … Read more