Dhanishwor manarom nageshwor gufa

Dhanishwor manarom nageshwor gufa (धनिश्वर मनोरम नागेश्वर गुफा) is a cave located in Dhurkot Rural Municipality, Gulmi. Inside the cave there are shivalinga, human shapes, women sitting with children, seven-faced serpents, idols. It is approximately 100 m long, width and height of this cave is said to be between five to eight feet.


This place known as Dumsi Dulo. There was a hole through which people could enter inside this cave. Even though a hole was found where people could hide, the locals named this place as Sarah’s Dulo.

Gulmi District is a beautiful place located in Lumbini Province and it’s total area is 1,149 km (444 sq mi). Gulmi is know for coffee, orange production and rich in natural resources like cobalt. Resunga, Bichitra Cave in Dhurkot, Gyawa Kshetra, Charpala, Musikot, Isma, Wami Taksar are other major tourist attraction of this place.


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