Batase dada

Batase dada is a beautiful place located in Kathmandu. It is in the capital city of Nepal but it still holds it natural beauty. It is the perfect place to escape from city life. Beautiful view of the Kathmandu city can be seen from top of this place. Kathmandu is surrounded by green hills. Kritipur is also seen from here. Views are more beautiful when the weather is crystal clear.


15-20 years before this place was not as developed as today. There was no proper roads. There were farming fields everywhere. At some places there was stone mines too.

Batase dada hiking

Batase dada hiking starts from halchowk which is at backside of Swayambhunath. There are roads which are connected to ringroad. From there you can also travel with your two wheeler or four wheeler. You can also choose steep hiking route which is beautiful than vehicle route. You’ll also find monasteries on the way. Which gumba is a popular monastery there. There you’ll find Ichangu temple, dhunge dhara (stone tap) in a beautiful environment. After walking about 2-3 hours from Halchowk you’ll reach Batase dada.


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