Jugal Himal

Jugal Himal is located in Jugal Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchok district, north of Kathmandu. Jugal Mountain Range is the nearest Mountain range to Kathmandu Valley. The Jugal Himal comprises a group of mountains, there are many beautiful snow peaks in this range such as Dorje Lyakpa, Leonpo Gang, Leonpo Gang East, Gyalzen Peak, Bhairab Takura, Baden Powell Scout Peak, Phurbi Chyachu, Yangri, Langshisha Ri etc.


The area immediately to the south of these mountains offers a complete cross-section of all that is best about a Nepal trek – high Himalayan vistas, sacred lakes, holy shrines, isolated Sherpa and Tamang villages with untouched forests, and total remoteness. Suitable for all seasons it is at its best during autumn or spring for Himalayan flowers.

Jugal Himal is seen from Katike Bhanjyang of Shankharapur Municipality-5 of Kathmandu.


Jugal Himal Basecamp Ne-Pemasal is located in Jugal rural municipality ward number 3. In the local language, Ne-Pemasal means the shrine of the gods or the heaven of the gods. It is a beautiful place and also a religious site. In various Buddhist texts, it is found that Padmasambhava says among the 10 best places in the world Ne-Pemasal ranks first. Ne-Pemasal Valley is surrounded by dense forests and mountains all around. Ne-Pemasal River flows through the middle of Ne-Pemasal Valley and this river is famous as Bahmayani River.

Jugal Himal base camp trek

From Jugal Himal base camp seven mountains can be climbed from the same base camp. Jugal Himal Trek includes mountains such as Dorje Lakpa, Madiya, Phurbi Chhyachu. Being close to Kathmandu, these mountains are an attraction for travelers. This trekking route takes you through forests to high alpine lakes. You’ll see some of the most breathtaking scenery in Nepal.

Peaks in Jugal Mountain Range

Dorje Lyakpa

Dorje Lyakpa (6966 m / 22854 ft) is located southwest of the highest peak of Jugal Mountain Range in Bagmati Pradesh on the boundary of Rasuwa and Sindhupalchok. This Mountain is also known for its elegant pyramid-shaped figure. This mountain is southeast of Langtang Valley and it is also visible from Kathmandu. Travelers will get an amazing view of stunning mountains and valleys. It is in the Jugal Mountain Range 6.8 km west of Gyalzen Peak and 7.4 km east of Urkenmang. This peak is 1st ascent by Kunio Kataoka, Makoto Anbe, Kazunari Murakami, Eiichi Shingyoji and Pemba Tsering Sherpa on Oct 18, 1981.

Leonpo Gang

Leonpo Gang (6979 m / 22897 ft) is located in Bagmati Pradesh. It is also known as Dorle Pahad, Longpo Gang, and Big White Peak. It is 1st ascent on May 03, 1962, by Tadashi Morita, Kazunari Yasuhisa. It is the highest peak of the Jugal Mountain Range.

Gyalzen Peak

Gyalzen Peak (6151 m / 20180 ft) is located in Jugal Gaupalika on the boundary of Bagmati Province and China. It is also known as Leonpo Gang East and Gyalgen. It was first ascent on 11 May 1955 and first ascent by Monica Jackson, Elizabeth Stark, Mingma Gyalgen Sherpa and Ang Temba Sherpa. It is peak is 6.8 km east of Dorje Lyakpa and 5.7 km northwest of Yagri Peak.

Leonpo Gang East

Leonpo Gang East (6733 m / 22090 ft) is located in the Sindhupalchok district of Nepal. It is also known as Gyalgen.

Bhairab Takura

Bhairab Takura (6799 m / 22306 ft) is in the Jugal Mountain Range, on the boundary of Nepal and China. It is also known as Madiya. This peak is 890 m east of Leonpo Gang and 1040 m southwest of Leonpo Gang East. It was first ascent on May 7, 1960, by Kunitoshi Ishihara, Yukihito and Pasang Phutar Sherpa.

Baden Powell Scout Peak

Baden Powell Scout Peak (5857 m / 19216 ft) is located on the boundary of Rasuwa and Sindhupalchok. This peak was formerly known as Urkema. It is a mushroom-shaped mountain in the Langtang region of Nepal. The Government of Nepal renamed Urkema Peak to Baden-Powell Scout Peak in honor of British soldier Robert Baden-Powell.

Phurbi Chyachu

Phurbi Chyachu (6631 m / 21755 ft) is located in the Jugal Mountain Range. It is also known by other names like Phurbi Chhyachu and Purbi Gyachu. It as first ascent on May 01, 1982, by Fumihito Ogawa, Hiromitsu Okamoto, Takashi Shingaki, Hajime Takigami, Ang Phuri Lama, Pemba Lama Sherpa and Phurbi Chyachu.


Yangri (6535 m / 21440 ft)is located in Bagmati Pradesh.

Langshisha Ri

Langshisha Ri (6412 m / 21037 ft) is located in the Jugal Mountain Range. This peak was first ascent on 23 Apr 1982 by Takuya Kajimoto and Pasang Norbu Sherpa. Technically this is a challenging peak, one of the most difficult of the trekking peaks after Kusum Kanguru.

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