Ramaroshan: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Ramaroshan is a major attraction in Achham District and this region has diverse wildlife, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural traditions. Ramaroshan is popular for its 12 lakes and 18 grassy meadows. Ramaroshan is famous in Achham for having 18 open fields called “patans,” and many tourists come here. It’s also home to Nepal’s national bird, the Danfe (Lophophorus). It’s high up in the mountains at about 2,050-3792 meters. When you’re in Ramaroshan, you can see a beautiful view of the Budhiganga basin, Badi Malika Temple and you can also see the majestic peaks of Mount Api and Mount Saipal.


It is also surrounded by a lush forest, rugged rocky cliffs, and the terraced hill slopes around Ramaroshan Lake offer a beautiful green landscape that attracts everyone. To the North, there is an impressive series of sedimentary rock cliffs climbed by the locals to harvest honey. They climb about 100 meters for honey.

According to the legend, the place got its name from the God Rama. Rama used to visit a peaceful place named Roshan, so they named it “Ramaroshan.” Nowadays, there are two nearby wetlands named Rama and Roshan. This place is also significant for Hindus because it’s believed that Shiva and Parvati spent time here just after they got married.

It is also known as barah banda athara khanda (बाह्र बण्ड अठार खण्ड). The largest lake here is Jigale Lake and the smallest is Taune Lake. 12 lakes including Jigale, Taune, and Batule are popular among tourists. Most of the lakes there are filled with various kinds of flowers. Among the 18 meadows, Kinemine Meadow is the largest, and it’s possibly the biggest one in Achham District.

Along the way to this destination, travelers pass through a Rhododendron forest, and since 2020, boating has been available, giving people the chance to encounter Himalayan Monal birds. Ramaroshan area has lots of different plants.

It is a habitat of wild boars, bears, wild cats, musk deer, lophophorous, pheasant, cuckoo, etc., and occasionally tigers around Ramaroshan.

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