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Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal is located at a altitude of 1,350 meters above sea level. Kathmandu is the arrival point for most with the guests in Nepal. Kathmandu town is the biggest in Nepal and it is surrounded by green hills all over. You will observe the exciting view of the magnificent and glorious ancient temples. When exploring the capital city, along with the extraordinary aspects of Kathmandu Durbar Square, you will see a sequence of shrines of the ancient times. Kathmandu valley comprises of seven UNESCO world heritage sites. Also, you will visit a significant stupa, Swayambhunath (the monkey temple) which is worshipped by both the Buddhists and the Hindus. We also trip around the temple Ghats (cremation place of Hindus) at Pashupatinath, one of the most sacred temples in Nepal and then go around Boudhanath, the largest Buddhist stupa in the world. Choosing to have a tour to Kathmandu Valley will let you visit cities like Patan and Bhaktapur, travel around old palaces and temples; witness the spectacular mountain views and surrounds of terraced fields and the charm of various cultural groups and villages of Nepal. Also, you will visit Changu Narayan, the oldest temple in the Kathmandu valley and the route to Changu Narayan passes through small villages and farmlands. Then we head toward Nagarkot lying 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu at an altitude of 2,175 m and stay overnight to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset views over the major peaks of eastern Nepal Himalayas.

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Surrounded through the green hills, Kathmandu Valley is about twenty five km from east to west and 20km from north to south. It lies in the top of 1300m. You could see Kathmandu Valley clearly even though you are fly in. This valley is specially identified for expanding rice corn, wheat and greens. On the other hand, nowadays this valley is progressively dependent on imported food and fuels. All the rivers drain in the direction of the center with the valley and join the Bagmati river. Geologist have confirmed historic myths that claim the valley as soon as lay below drinking water.


The Kathmandu Valley has the nice climate the majority of the yr. Even though there are actually forests, snow is unheard of as well as the monsoons are nowhere close to. Between October and March it can grow to be fairly chilly at evening as well as the days turn into brief, although its sunny and warm among mid-morning and afternoon. In April issues commence to heat up and you will discover frequently storm inside the afternoon.


Still today, Newars kind the biggest single group within the valley as well as in smaller cities and villages. Bahuns, Tamangs and Chettris live to the bordering hills. Folks residing in Kathmandu Valley are largely Hindus and Buddhist and they are incredibly significantly connected to each and every others religion. People today living right here speak Newari and Nepali mostly.

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