Baghdwar hiking: A Refreshing Weekend in Nature’s Lap

Baghdwar or Bagdwar is where the well-known Bagmati River starts. It is the origin of the holy Bagmati River, located in Shivpuri Dada, on the north side of Kathmandu Valley. Every year on the first day of Baisakh (Nepali new year day), there’s a big fair held here. The Shivpuri watershed area is vital for supporting life in Kathmandu Valley. It’s also a famous spot for hiking. Baghdwar hiking is short and easy hiking from Kathmandu.

Shivapuri Narjun National Park is located in the Northern part of Kathmandu valley and the Shivapuri hill is considered as the second highest hill near Kathmandu. This National Park was registered as the 9th National Park in 2002 A.D.


In Srimad Pashupati Puran, it is said that Mahadev was impressed by Bhakta Prahlad prayer. Bagmati originated from Mahadev’s Vocals when he appeared in the Shivapuri mountain. For Hindus and Buddhists, Baghdwar is a sacred pilgrimage site. There are several Hindu and Buddhist statues along with naga stone carvings.

Baghdwar hiking

When you get to the military check post at Shivpuri Nagarjuna National Park, you need to pay an entry fee. Soldiers there will check the bags of hikers, and certain items like lighters and matches are not allowed. It is strictly prohibited to take lighters, weapons and matches inside the national park area.

After walking about 30 minutes from Pani muhan, it will take approximately 3 hours to reach the Baghdwar. If you wish to reach the Shivapuri peak then it will take additional 20-30 minutes.

Before entering the national park, make sure you have dry food and water. There is not any shop on this trail.

How to reach Baghdwar?

You can reach Baghdwar through different paths like Pani muhan, or Nagi Gumba.

Hiking route: Budanilkantha – Pani Muhan (Shivpuri Nagarjuna National Park entrance gate ticket counter) – Helipad – Deurali – Bagdwar – Shivapuri Peak

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