Artificial lake Bharat Taal in Sarlahi Nepal

Bharat Taal (भरत ताल) is located at Bagmati Municipality of Sarlahi district, Nepal covering more than 50 bighas (35 hectares). The second largest man made artificial lake in Nepal is 35 feet deep, providing the oceanic vibe for visitors. After motorboat and jet boat rides were operated in 2021, this lake is attracting not only domestic tourists but also tourists from neighboring country India. There is a park being built around the lake.

The lake was made by digging barren land which became income for the municipality and a tourist destination. Initially it started digging a pond in 2076 B.S. with the aim of operating a fish pond to increase the source of income of the Municipality. Later it became a new tourist destination. The lake is also working as a water recharge system for the southern region during the dry season.

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Bharat Taal was named after the name of mayor of Bagmati Municipality Bharat Kumar Thapa. The Bagmati municipality named the lake as “Bagmati Fish Pond” but locals call it as “Bharat taal”. It is called “Bharat Lake” because the pond was started to be built under the leadership of Mayor Bharat Kumar Thapa.

Because of social media popularity of this place is increasing, hundreds of people come to visit here every day. This is also taken as a near alternative of lakes in Pokhara. Indian tourists near the boarder can come, enjoy and return back in a single day.

How to reach there?

There are two ways, from eastern Nepal, there is a sub-way to this lake from 1 km east of Bagmati bridge and from western Nepal, after going about 3 km south from Bagmati Bridge at Karmaiya in Sarlahi under the East-West Highway.

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