Sagarmatha national park


Sagarmatha national park lies in the Northern mountain of eastern Nepal in the Solukhumbu district which is dominated by Mount Everest. It is a wildlife reserve with 1,148 Square Kilometers where rare species of animals and birds are found. Animals like the red panda and snow leopard can be seen here. It is also a … Read more

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve UNESCO included this area on the list of World Heritage Site in 1984

Koshi Tappu Wildlife

Koshi Tappu wild life reserve, Koshi Tappu safari, Koshi Tappu bird watching, National Parks, Wildlife Reserve and Conservation Areas of NepalKoshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve which stand today as successful testimony of nature conservation in South Asia. This is the first National Park of Nepal established in 1973 to preserve a unique eco system significantly valuable … Read more