Nanda Bhauju taal

Nanda Bhauju taal

Nanda Bhauju taal (नन्द भाउजू ताल) is located in Tilottama Municipality, Rupandehi district. It is a historical lake in Rupandehi. Two lakes in the Chiliya forest are popular as Nanda Bhauju Lake. It is surrounded by a lush green forest and there is a settlement outside the forest. You can walk around the pond and … Read more

Rauta pokhari

Rauta pokhari

The oval-shaped Rauta Pokhari (रौता पोखरी) is located in Rautamai Rural Municipality, Udayapur. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the Udayapur district which has religious and historical significance. The lake is located at an altitude of about 1770 m. Rauta Danda is visible from Gaighat. It occupies an area of one bigha … Read more

Surma Sarobar lake

Surma Sarobar lake

Surma Sarobar lake (सुर्मा सरोबर ताल) is a holy lake located in the Surma Rural Municipality, Bajhang district. It is one of the major religious and tourist attractions of Bajhang in the middle of a high mountain range. Surma Sarowar Lake is the second-highest lake in Nepal and the largest lake in the Bajhang district. … Read more

Ali Taal

ali taal

Ali Taal (आलि ताल) is located in Aali tal rural municipality in Dadeldhura, Nepal. Dadeldhura district lies in the Sudurpashchim Province of western Nepal. This lake is in the middle of a lush green forest, surrounded by mountains. This lake is at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. It is about 1175 m … Read more

Chuli Pokhari

Chuli Pokhari

Chuli Pokhari is located in the hills of Miklajung rural municipality-2 in Morang District, Nepal. It is a pond surrounded by green hills. It is on top of a large “W” shaped rock, covered with dense forest. This pond is spread over an area of nearly two bighas. This pond in the Chure region is … Read more

Baraha pokhari khotang


Baraha Pokhari (वराह पोखरी) is a beautiful pond located in Baraha Pokhari Rural Municipality, Khotang, Nepal. In the middle of the forest there is the pond surrounded by hills. This pond is in the southern part of Khotang district. It is a religious destination which also has cultural and natural importance. This is one of … Read more

Baba tal

Beautiful Lake

Baba tal (बाबा ताल) is located in Karjanha Municipality-1, Bandipur, Siraha. It is becoming the center of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Every Saturday there is a rush of tourists. You can enjoy boating on the lake. View tower has been constructed with the investment of Madhesh State Government and Tourism Board. Many years … Read more

Tilachan lake

paper boat on water

Tilachan Lake (तिलाचन ताल) is located at Righaneta between boarders of two districts Baglung and east Rukum. It is a very beautiful tourist destination which is being popular these days. It is 3500 m above the sea level. Domestic tourists has increased after access of Madhyapahari lok marga road. Tilachan Lake is on the top … Read more

Nadi Lake Sarlahi

lake water sunrise

The largest lake of Sarlahi district, Nadi Lake (नाढी ताल) is located in Chandranagar VDC (village development committee). Sarlahi district lies in Province number 2. This historical heritage is also known as Nadhi tal, Nadhiman tal and 52 bigha pokhari. It is a natural lake, not man-made. The shape of this lake is semi-circular. According … Read more

Jakhera Lake Dang

Jakhera Lake

Jakhera Lake (जखेरा ताल) is a beautiful tourist destination located in Lamahi Municipality-5 of Dang. It is situated at the foot of Chure Hills and on the south by the beautiful village of Musundi. The gorgeous scenery of the lakes attracts many tourists from different parts of Nepal as well as outside Nepal especially from … Read more

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