Kamal pokhari Kathmandu complete guide

Historic pond Kamal Pokhari is located in Hattisar, Kathmandu nearby the City center building. The name of this pond was kept after the lotus that grew on it. The pond used to be full of lotus but does not grow anymore. Once upon a time, it was home to local fishes and aquatic plants. The history of the Kamal Pokhari is not known but it is believed to date back to the Licchavi-era. It had been used by the Malla kings.

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Kamal Pokhari was restored by Kathmandu Metropolitan City. It is a good place to visit. This pond is near Durbar Marg. It is a few minutes away and one can reach here on foot. It is surrounded by tall buildings on three sides.

In the morning, people walk around the pond to make themselves physically fit. During the day and in the evening you’ll also find love birds (couples) enjoying the beautiful surroundings. However, it is a small but beautiful pond in the middle of the city. Near this pond, there are other ponds such as Rani pokhari and Naag pokhari.

How to reach Kamal pokhari?

You can reach Kamal pokhari on foot or by a local bus, safa tempo from Jamal. It is also near Gaushala, Pashupati.

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