Godawari picnic spot

Godawari is a beautiful place located at the foot of Phulchoki (the highest hill in the valley – 2715 meters) in the southern part of Lalitpur. It is a famous picnic spot about 9 km far from Lagankhel and 16 km far from Kathmandu. The nearest picnic spot from Kathmandu, Godawari is in the Godawari municipality of Lalitpur. The Royal Botanical Garden over 72 hectares of land is a major attraction of this place. Various kinds of birds including more than 500 species of plants can be found here. It is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature along with bird watching.


Godawari picnic spot is the most popular because of its rich wildlife, encircled by lush green hills and clean water sources. It is suitable for small to large groups of picnic programs with family and friends. This is the forest picnic spot with lush green surroundings. It is also the best destination for a short few hours of hiking during a picnic.

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If you are fond of exotic plants, beautiful birds and also looking for a picnic spot then look nowhere else than Godawari, it is truly one of the best picnic spots in Kathmandu. Being near the Kathmandu valley, the Godawari picnic spot is easily accessible by land. Besides picnics, it is also popular among the youth generation for dating.

During the weekends, this place is crowded and for peace lovers, we recommend you to travel on other days. There is a small entrance fee to enter the Royal Botanical Garden. Inside the garden, there is a waterfall known as the Godawari waterfall.


Parking facility: Yes
Cooking Water: Yes
Toilet: Yes

How to reach the Godawari picnic spot?

You can hire a taxi or also can be reached by a local bus from Lagankhel. To reach Lagankhel you can take a microbus from Ratnapark. From Kathmandu, you can reach Lagankhel – Satdobato – Harisiddhi – Godawari.

Other attractions

Godawari Kunda

Before reaching the Botanical Garden there is the Godawari Kunda. Water is clear and clean in this kunda. A big fair is held at this place every 12 years, also known as Maha Kumbha Mela. The fair lasts for a month and devotes from different places participate in this fair.


Naudhara means nine taps in the Nepali language and the water source of these taps is Phulchowki hill. It is a man-made stone tap and these taps were built during the Rana regime. Former prime minister of Nepal Juddha Shumsher ordered to build to beat the summer heat. Rana families built houses around the Godawari area to escape the summer heat.

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