Soaring Above the Himalayas: Skydiving in Nepal

Skydiving in Nepal can be a thrilling and breathtaking experience, as it offers a unique perspective on the country’s stunning landscapes, including the Himalayan mountains. The most popular location for skydiving in Nepal is in the beautiful city of Lakes known as Pokhara. There are also skydiving opportunities in other parts of Nepal, including Everest Skydive, which offers jumps over the Everest region.


Skydiving in Nepal is an adventure of a lifetime, offering a unique and thrilling way to experience the natural beauty of the country. Skydiving in Nepal offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain range, lush valleys, lakes, and villages. It’s a unique opportunity to see Nepal’s natural beauty from the sky.

In Everest and Pokhara you can experience skydiving.

Companies providing the skydiving facilities in Nepal:

  • Nepal Skydive
  • Everest Skydive
  • Explore Himalaya
  • Yeti Trail Adventure
  • Earthbound Expedition Himalayan Adventure Travel and Tour

Season: The best time for skydiving in Nepal is during the pre-monsoon (spring) and post-monsoon (autumn) seasons. The weather is generally stable, and visibility is excellent during these times.

Safety: Ensure that the skydiving operator you choose is reputable and follows strict safety protocols. They should provide you with the necessary safety equipment, briefings, and experienced instructors.

Costs: The cost of skydiving in Nepal can vary depending on the type of jump, location, and the operator. Tandem jumps are typically less expensive than solo jumps. Generally, the cost in Pokhara is around $1000, and in Everest, it’s $25,000 to $35,000.

Experience Requirements: Tandem skydiving usually doesn’t require any prior experience. However, solo skydiving typically requires you to have a valid skydiving license and prior experience.

Types of Skydiving: There are two main types of skydiving experiences in Nepal:

Tandem Skydiving: This is the most common form of skydiving for beginners. You’ll be harnessed to an experienced instructor, and you jump together from the aircraft. The instructor controls the free fall and ensures a safe landing.

Solo Skydiving: If you’re an experienced skydiver with the necessary qualifications, you may be able to do solo jumps in Nepal. Solo jumps are typically allowed for those with appropriate licenses and experience.

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