Mandre dhunga paragliding in Pokhara

Mandre dhunga paragliding will be the sole paragliding zone in Pokhara. With the opening of Pokhara International Airport, authorities have shut down other current paragliding flights in Sarangkot, Toripani and Tamagi in Pokhara. Flight from Mandre dhunga was prepared as an alternative, a test flight is currently being conducted. The flight from Mandre dhunga will land at Pame. Although there were flights from Mandre dhunga before there were no commercial flights.


Paragliding has become the choice of adventure lovers foreign tourists and domestic tourists as well. Mandre Dhunga will be the best destination for adventure sports lovers. Travelers can enjoy the beautiful views of snow-capped mountains, natural beauty and Pokhara.

Earlier, paragliding was being done from a height of 1,450 meters in Sarangkot at a cap of about 7,000 feet, while from Mandredhunga, it will be flying at a cap of 6,000 feet from a height of 1,740 meters. According to the experts, Mandre Dhunga will be the best for paragliding, safe and reliable.

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