Mount Everest which is the tallest peak of the world also known as the roof of the world is also located in the Khumbu part of Nepal. The height of Mount Everest is the topmost expedition to all the trekkers all around the country. It is the challenging path to be trekked in the peak of Mount Everest. Many trekkers have sacrificed their lives while trek Nepal to the Mount Everest peak. While you are on trek in Nepal you can see their local people’s tradition culture, festival and their living styles.


Everest treks are becoming so popular in the world because Everest trekking region is home of legendry Sherpa people, Home of Snowy Mountains and Home of Mountain Yeti. After first summit to Mount Everest by Tenjing Sherpa and Hillary in 1957, trekking in Everest area became very popular. Everest trekking region is home of Himalayan god where you will find Sherpa people, cultures, tradition and warm hospitality. Because of geographical conditions, Most of Everest treks are minimum of 2 weeks to 4 weeks. The shortest Everest trek is Everest view trek that is 11 days. The most popular Everest treks routes are trek to Everest base camp, trek to Gokyo Lake and trek from Gokyo valley over chola pass to Everest base camp is also most popular one. Most of our Everest treks start and end at Lukla/ Kathmandu by flight.

Most of Everest trekking starts from Lukla with altitude of 2860 m / 9381 feet and the highest point of Everest trek are 5545m / 18,188 feet at Kalapattar (black rock) near Everest base camp. Since most of Everest trek start and end with high altitude, probably Everest trek could not be easy trek for all, so one must be fully prepared and mentally and physically fit. It is highly recommend to book your Everest trekking at least 6 months in advance and be prepare yourself for 4- 7 hrs of up and down hill walking.

Sagarmatha national park with its spectacular scenery of unique physiographical features and varied flora & fauna together with legendary Sherpa Culture & their hospitality has attracted million of people form all over the world. It is home of legendary Sherpa people “The guardian of the Himalaya.” Altitude ranges from 2,860 meters above sea level (9,381ft) to the top of the world, Mt. Everest at 8848 meters (29,028ft).

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