What is the highest and lowest temperature ever recorded on Mount Everest ?

The temperature of Everest is not constant, it differs from one season to another but the temperature on the mountain never goes above freezing point. Winds can get up to 285 km/h (177 mph) which may be unsuitable for climbers to move ahead.


What is the highest temperature ever recorded on Mount Everest ?

In the warm month, the average Mt. Everest summit temperature is -10° C that would be a nice, warm summit day for climbers but cold at night. Everest is the coldest place on the planet Earth during the summer.

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What is the lowest temperature ever recorded on Mount Everest ?

Mt. Everest has never been climbed in winter since 1993 as it can be extremely cold and no climber could survive at that low temperature. In February 2003, the lowest temperature measured on the summit was -41°C and the lowest is around -60°C.

What temperature does water boils at the top of Everest ?

At cold places but the boiling point of water varies with atmospheric pressure. At higher altitudes like Mount Everest, the boiling point is lower. At sea level water boils at 100°C but on higher altitudes where there is lower atmospheric pressure, water boils at around 70°C. The lower atmospheric pressure means heated water reaches its boiling point more quickly at a lower temperature but the fact that the boiling temperature is lower at higher elevations means food takes longer to cook, which is where the confusion lies.

Interesting thing is that the whole of an egg will never cook at the top of Everest because the boiling point of the water is 70°C. To cook an egg it will need two different temperatures, the white part cooks at 85°C and the yellow at 65°C. Similarly, with potatoes, it won’t cook properly even if you boil them all night long.


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