Dhikur Pokhari Village travel information

Dhikur Pokhari (ढिकुरपोखरी The Dove Pond) Village is named after a pond that is part of the Kaski Province of northern-central Nepal. Dhikur or Dhukur is a ‘dove’ in Nepali and it lies at around 1,280 m elevation. It is a richly vegetated area, about 16 km from Pokhara. To the south lies Kaskikot VDC and Ghandruk VDC (Village Development Committee) lies to the east.


The main attractions of Dhikur Pokhari are trekking and paragliding with peaceful surroundings, an ideal escape for travelers. It offers the most stunning views of the sacred mountain Machhapuchhre also known as Fishtail (its top looks like a fishtail) in the Annapurna Range, a panoramic view of Swargadwari and a huge rock formation replicating a huge slide. Observing the culture, and lifestyle of the local villages can be an interesting activity for travelers.

Naudanda is also a nearby beautiful village that can be easily visited from Dhikur Pokhari. For visitors wishing to explore the mountains, the Machhapuchhre Tourist Road, north of the village off the Pokhara-Banlung Highway is a gateway to the Annapurna Conservation Area. This place is also the start of the Nyeshyang region of Manang and also the Himalayan Birch forest starts. You may also see Musk Deer in this area.

There are some restaurants and homestay facilities and one can get some good restaurants with free wi-fi too. The Mid-Hill Highway(Pokhara-Baglung Segment) goes through the Dhikur pokhari.

Local life

The main occupation of Dhikur Pokhari Village is agriculture and the society is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic with people from many different castes residing in the village. During the 1991 Nepal census, Dhikur Pokhari Village had a population of 7,392 persons living in 1,427 individual households.

How to get there?

You can reach Dhikur Pokhari Village by bus, or taxi.

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