Bhale basne taal

Bhale basne taal (भाले बास्ने ताल) is located in Dukhubesi, Malika Rural Municipality, Myagdi. It is one of the most attractive lakes in Nepal with the dense forest around. Because roosters roost here in the morning, the locals named the lake ‘Bhale Basne Taal’.


Mysterious Rooster Roosting Lake: Rooster crows early, and no one knows where it disappears again!

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A waterfall is falling from a mountain in the middle of a forest and a lake formed due to that waterfall. There is a Shiva temple at the top of this lake. Daily early in the morning, a rooster crows at this temple.

The locals have no idea where the rooster comes from and where it goes again. There is a popular belief that if you worship and visit the temple during the rooster crowing in the morning, your wishes will be fulfilled. Dhami-jhakri takes a bath in the lake, worships in the temple and gives animal sacrifices to get his power.

There used to be a big blue lake but now because of the landslide the area of this lake has been smaller than before.

How to reach Bhale basne taal?

Sahasradhara is reached in about two hours by vehicle from Beni and from there, one can reach the lake. This lake can be reached from Sahasradhara, Duchubesi and Darung villages under the Beni-Darwang road section from Beni.

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