Why it is called Bhoot khola ?

Bhoot Khola (भूत खोला ) is located in Tinau rural municipality on the way to Tansen (Palpa) from Butwal. It is also near Rupandehi district. It is a beautiful tourist attraction in western Nepal with a breathtaking waterfall, a naturally built small blue pond and surrounded by trees. Bhoot Khola is a natural clean swimming pool with a beautiful waterfall. In this pool, there is a constant flow of water. There is a small bridge nearby to observe the beauty of the waterfall and blue water pond.


The first pond is 27 feet deep, the second is 16 feet deep and the last one is only a few feet deep. This spot is open from morning to evening.

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In the past, where the water falls from the waterfall is deep so it was a risky area while swimming but now the risk has been managed and this tourist spot has been managed by employees on a daily basis. Now you’ll need to buy a ticket to visit here. Lots of tourists love to visit here and swim for hours. There is a small ticket price to tour around the area but the ticket price is a little high for swimming. Bhootkhola is a beautiful place for tourists to spend 2-3 hours.

There is a tradition of offering Bhoot khola’s water to the Siddhababa temple on Monday in the month of Shrawan. It is a popular destination among domestic and Indian tourists as well.


According to the myth, it is dangerous to swim there as a ghost lives down the river so it is called Bhoot khola. It is also said, it is not possible to reach the bottom of the pond and some dead bodies are there deep. This is the reason behind locals named it Bhoot Khola. People say boys dived into this pond for swimming but never returned. They vanished while swimming and their body was not found.

How to reach Bhoot khola?

Bhoot khola is 32.5 km from Tansen and 6.5 km from Butwal and 2 minutes walk from Siddhartha Highway. It takes nearly about 20-30 minutes to reach this spot from Butwal.

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Bhoot khola map


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