Dipang lake popular as honeymoon lake

Fourth-largest lake of Lekhnath, Dipang Lake (दिपाङ ताल) is located in the Lekhnath municipality of the Kaski district. It is one among the seven lakes situated between the green hills of Lekhnath and listed as a wetland. Listed in the World Wetland List in 2016. This lake is 41.54 times bigger than Begnas taal and 12.80 times bigger than Rupa taal.

It is called the Honeymoon Lake because different species of pair guest birds migrate here to escape the winter season. Birds used to lay their eggs and hatch their chicks in this lake. Cotton Pygmy Goose is often seen in this area. After migrating to Nepal from Siberia, this bird lives here. These birds make a shelter by making a hole in a simal tree near the lake.

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Amazing views of the Himalayas and green hills can be seen from this place. You’ll also see swans which add beauty to the lake. During the season wild lotus fills this lake, makes more attractive. There are six species of lotuses found here.

This lake’s name is not heard by many and is also a bit far from the main city but an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are no settlements around. Surrounded by community forest on all sides, this lake covers a total area of 668 ropanis and the area covered by the lake is 338 ropanis.

It is home to 22 species of birds, 16 species of fish and other flowers as well as aquatic plants. To its east, there are lakes such as Begnas, Rupa, Maidi Lake and to the northwest Gunde Lake, Khashte Lake and Nyureni Lake.

In recent years, it has also become a nice destination for the couple. The newly married couple is attracted by this lake. A path has been constructed around the lake for walking and cycling. This lake is attractive in terms of natural beauty and scenery.

Dipang lake picnic spot

It offers stunning landscapes, beautiful flora and fauna because of it this place is also a popular destination for picnic programs. The well-managed picnic spot has been built.


Parking – Yes
Water – Yes
Toilet – Yes
Hotel – Yes

How to reach Dipang lake?

This lake is near by Begnas lake.

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Dipang lake map

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