Chitwan National Park in Nepal and Jungle Safari

Chitwan National Park is Nepal’s first national park in the lowlands of the Inner Terai. It is the most famous national park in south central Nepal covering an area of 932 sq. km. It offers a wilderness of rich ecosystems and a great variety of flora and fauna that includes birds, mammals, reptiles, etc. This National Park shelters up to 56 different kinds of mammal species including the Bengal Tiger, horned Rhinoceros, Leopard, Wild Elephant, Sloth Bear, wild bison, Genetic Dolphin, and Stripped Hyena. It too protects 590 species of butterflies, 47 species of reptiles, and 126 species of fish. It is the home for endangered Asian one-horned rhinoceros and harbours. The swampy areas provide a home for marsh crocodiles.


The forest is covered by deciduous sal forest which is mainly found in the hilly area. 1/5 part of the park is made up of the floodplains of the Narayani, Rapti, and Reu Rivers and is covered by dense tall elephant grass.

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Chitwan Jungle Safari

Chitwan Safari presents extra thrills that include canoe rides along a nature walk, the Jungle Rivers, an elephant back safari, and bird-watching excursions as well as elephant bathing and village tours. Your journey helps you to perceive the village and life of the ethnic people ‘Tharu’. You can have an opportunity to see cultural programs from Tharus in their traditional customs. The variety includes renowned stick dance and dance with guests. A jungle safari trip to Chitwan means exploring the wildlife closely. Some of the endangered animals found in Chitwan National Park are the Pangolin, four-horned Antelope, Python, Golden Monitor lizard, etc. Also, birds including the Giant Hornbill, Bengal florican, White Stork, and Black Stork, etc can be found here. Illegal poaching and deforestation is the main cause of their rareness.

In Chitwan, you can visit to Elephant Breeding Center where lots of domesticated elephants can be found. Your visit to Gharial Hatchery farm where the conservation of endangered Gangetic crocodiles named Ghariyals or Mugars is done and their eggs are hatched, brought up, and enjoy traditional dugout canoe in Rapti River, Jeep drives through grasslands, riverside forests, and sal forest to Asara. You will feel lucky to get a chance to see the famous cultural program and dance of Tharus in their traditional colorful customers. It includes stick dance, fire dance, singing songs and of course you can join them for dancing.

A jungle safari to Chitwan National Park is easily accessed as it is just a five-hour drive from Kathmandu or Pokhara and regular flights from Kathmandu and Pokhara. And after you finish visiting these areas in Chitwan you can departure from Chitwan and drive back to Kathmandu or Pokhara. Chitwan Jungle Safari is designed for those who want to see wildlife animals up close as well as to enjoy canoeing in Rapti River and a jeep drive through grassland, riverside forests, and sal forests. You can visit at any time to enjoy Jungle safari in Chitwan National Park at your convenience time and desire.

How to reach Chitwan National Park?

Chitwan is easily accessible from Kathmandu by air or by land. It is connected by a national highway to Bharatpur and there are fights to Bharatpur Airport.


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