Galkot info and about Galkot Durbar

Galkot consist amazing and mind blowing places that attracts travelers. There are numerous places for tourist from the big hills like Ghumte for trekkers and visitors to fast following river such as Daram khola and Gaudi khola. The highest peak in Galkot is Ghumte Hill which is main attraction for Tourist. The longest fall is Gayeghat Fall which looks very beautiful. The heart of the Galkot which starts from Tarakhola to BudiGhat Gaudi river is Daram River. Different Historical palces of this place like Galkot Darbar, Kot Maidan, Galkot Ghumte, Hatiya Bazar, Harichaur Bazar, Narethati Bazar are the main attraction of this area. In the past 16th century it was in 24 states. King Rajpatthip Malla built Khadka Temple where we can find the Kot House with primitive kings’s weapons. Baglung district is also in the shape like of map of Nepal and also know as district of bridges. It consist many beautiful places and one of the peaceful land along with natural beauty and more than 6000 Meter hills are located one of the famous hills Ghumte, which is pride of this place in Baglung of Nepal. For the trekkers it is one of the perfect place for trekking.


Galkot is one of the most beautiful place of Nepal which is located at Baglung. Ghumte Hill is also taken as honor of Galkot Baglung Nepal.

Galkot Durbar

Galkot Durbar is a historical palace, located in a peaceful atmosphere in Galkot, Gandaki Province. The century-old heritage was built by the Kingdom of Galkot which is stretched over five ropanis of land. Galkot Durbar has turned as a center of touristic attraction.

This is the place through which Galkot was being governed. Galkot Durbar was the palace of Malla kings, it existed till 2017 B.S. Bharat Bam Malla was the then King. The administrative and judicial powers of the Galkot were centralized in the palace. It used to rule over Galkot during 22/24 states period.

Nearby the palace, there is Gaighat falls at Tarakhola.

Galkot Hatiya Bazar

For the flourishment of business different bazars are here in Galkot Baglung of Nepal. One of the biggest city of Baglung is Hatiya bazar which is center of Galkot. There is saying that in Hatiya bazar we can find from needle to elephant size like things. From different political function to melas in different festivals are conducted here. First Aid, General Health checkup to clinics are facilitated in different bazars for people good health.

Ghumte Hill

Ghumte hill is the highest hill, one of the attraction in the Baglung district and it is also taken as honor of this place. From of the top of it we can see many place of the Nepal. Ghumte Galkot is the a beautiful place of Baglung. Lali gurans, rivers like Daram and Gaudi makes the environment beautiful for travelers. The spectacular views of the beautiful city Pokhara can be given viewed from the top of Ghumte.

Galkot Temple

Galkot Ghumte Temple Nepal is rich in different holly places like wise Galkot is also famous and well known for different temple the main temple which gives identity to Galkot is in Ghumte Hill that is holy place which is temple of Siddha Devta and Bhairam Devta. Every year on Baishak Purnima as a festival of Buddha Purnima most people visit in this holy place. Since it consist various places one of them is Haitya with the holy place know as Shivalaya Mandir. Many people from different places visits here specially in Maha Shivaratri. Also Kottan Mandir is considered to be the one of the holy places of it. Different places of this place consist specific temple people visit there worship God and Goddesses according to the respected festival Like wise Joikuti Mandir one of the holy places lies in Hairchour, Baskhola Mandir in Malma Baskhola and also different holy places in follwoing land i.e Mulpani, Narayansthan, Kandebas, Heela,Lekhani, Pandavkhani.

Galkot can be Tourism Area and It is one of the most beautiful place in Baglung.


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