Four Binayak in Kathmandu with Google map

Four Binayak in Kathmandu or 4 Ganesh of Kathmandu are Ashok Vinayak, Chandra Binayak, Surya Binayak and Jal Binayak. Lord Ganesh is believed to be the son of Lord Shiva & Parvati. Ganesh has numerous shrines throughout the Valley but four are particularly sacred.

1. Ashok Binayak – The god is worshipped as the god of luck by Hindus. The temple is visited on Tuesdays every week as it is the day which is considered the day of Ganesh.


Ashok binayak location in Nepal
Ashok Binayak is located in Maru Tole on the eastern side of Kathmandu Durbar Square.

2. Chandra Binayak – It is famous for its Licchavi stupa known as the Dhando Chaitya. Many historians consider it to be the oldest Buddhist Stupa in the valley. People believed in curing diseases and external body injuries.

Chandra Binayak’s location in Nepal
Chandra Binayak is in the middle of the Chabahil, 200m behind the Chabahil stupa.

3. Surya Binayak – The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Ganesh. Surya Binayak is considered to give the power of speech to young children who are slow to talk. The temple was built in the time of the Lichhavi King Vishnu Dev Barma, originally built over 1500 years ago. The temple is also known as the temple of the rising sun.

Surya Binayak location in Nepal
Surya Binayak is halfway up the foothills south of Bhaktapur.

4. Jal Binayak – The temple was built by Malla King Shiva Singh Malla and after 83 years the Gajur was added to the top of the temple by Malla King Sri Nivas Malla of Patan. The present structure of the temple was reconstructed in Pagoda Style by King Rajya Prakash Malla. People seeking strength of character go to worship Jal Binayak.

Jal Binayak location in Nepal
Jal Binayak is just beyond the Chovar Gorge, in the central part of Kathmandu, Nepal.

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